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06 – The Internet Musician – Music Licensing for Indie Artists

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Show Notes for Episode 6:

Following my recent appearance on the Film and TV Music Licensing Panel at the MidAtlantic Music Conference here in Charlotte, NC, I definitely have music licensing on my mind.  It’s always been a passion of mind…one of those areas of music marketing that I’ve researched exhaustively for years.  It’s also an area I’ve had some success with–having licensed my funk and roll tracks to shows on MTV, Noggin, Comedy Central, indie films, local short films, and commercials.

As I’m sure you know, music licensing can be a great revenue stream for indie artists…but did you also realize that it’s a great way to get your music heard by a large audience?  In fact, it’s one of the only avenues to a mass audience that is still open to indie artists.  If you haven’t investigated music licensing, you should definitely check out this episode (6) of the Internet Musician Podcast.

In this episode, I talk about my experience on the Film and TV licensing panel, and I answer some of the most common questions I received from songwriters about getting your music licensed in tv, film, commercials, web video, etc.  Things like:

  • Does music licensing involve a patent, a copywrite or a legal contract through a lawer, etc.?
  • I’ve got some good material which is now recorded, what are the next steps towards monetizing my work with music licensing?
  • What are common mistakes that are made by those new to music licensing?
  • When pitching mp3’s, do you recommend that they be mastered first?

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