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04 – The Internet Musician – 8 Steps to Create a Music Website

Music website creation

Show Notes for Episode 4:

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As a musician, you need a good website.  You know that.

But you really don’t need to spend years trying to understand the technology. You also don’t want to spend tons of time working on your site without knowing if you’re doing things the right way.  It can get confusing quickly, and there’s always more to know.

I feel ya.  I do.  So–I decided to dedicate a podcast episode to give you a crash course on what you need to know about creating a music website.

Check out my blog post on how to create a music website!

Specifically, I provide a description of the 8 stage process you need to complete to create a music website–from choosing (and researching) a band name, through creating a squeeze page, choosing a content channel, and tracking and testing your site’s performance. Basically, this episode describes the entire process of creating a website, and mentions that more detailed information (and tools) are described here on my blog at http://www.theinternetmusician.com/tutorials/create-a-music-website/.  Hopefully, you’ll check that out too:

Click here for the complete process on how to create a music website!

Also, I start off the episode with a brief history of the Internet–from it’s beginnings in the defense department through Web 2.0. I describe what you’re paying for with an ISP, and how the web works.  Take a listen and let me know which of the stages of the website creation process you’re struggling most with.

Also, make sure you visit my How To Create a Music Website page, where I provide more detailed information.

Find out which tools I use to create a music website!

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