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The Internet Musician site (http://www.theinternetmusician.com) is the the proud home of The Internet Musician Podcast–a downloadable online radio show where the host Brian Hartzog shares music marketing tips, news, insights, and advice about making and promoting your music online.  The show covers all aspects of releasing your music on the Internet–from setting up your website and email list to getting traffic and building your fan base.  Hartzog, an indie artist with 2 self-released CDs and licensing credits with Comedy Central, MTV, and Noggin, uses his experience in the computer industry to help musicians overcome technical and marketing hurdles that are preventing them from getting their music to a larger audience.

Brian Hartzog calls his music “funk and roll”.  It’s a decidedly indie, somewhat edgy mixture of funk and classic rock…it has been described as Prince and Parliament meets the Beatles and Bob Dylan at a Southern barbeque.  You can download free at his site:  http://www.brianhartzog.net.